Discover a town, explore the countryside and get to know the best restaurants in the region. Hear stories, meet people and delve into the magic of a journey through the day. Your charming and friendly guide on this journey will be certified tour guide Carola Vogt.

A unique cultural landscape exists in the tension between the European institutions of Strasbourg and the tradition of the spa town of Baden-Baden. Turbulent history has as much shaped this stretch of land, as has the cosmopolitanism of Strasbourg, the capital of Europe. Come and have a look! Experience it and be swept away! And take the most beautiful memories back home with you.

There's so much to discover! Try different routes, travel to new towns in the area or head for far-off destinations. Yet it is always the people themselves who make a tour exciting and enriching. Their interest and thirst for the new are the foundation for the success of any trip, no matter how short or long.